Hot Desks or Dedicated Desk? Here is your answer.

Have you ever considered entering a co-working space to start your business? Co-working Space has undoubtedly become one of the most popular options for start-up companies. 

Renting a desk rather than a fixed office would be a desirable plan as if you put a tight budget on the working space. There are two essential ways of this type of desk renting services, respectively hot desks and dedicated desks. 

Now, choose the plan which is going to suit you the most become the top priority. 

What is Hot desk?

Let’s drop all the sophisticated definition of hotdesks and start an example here.

Sam is a freelancing creative designer. Every month, he will stay in the co-working space a few times when he needs a place to focus and get the work done, while the rest of the time he prefers to stay at home and maintain a flexible working plan. 

Under this circumstance, Sam doesn’t need a fixed desk every time he popped in, So he chose the hot desk service, and the table will be ready for him when he needs it. 

SO, What is a Dedicated desk then?

Emmy runs a busy eCommerce store on Etsy. She uses the desk every day and remains a fixed working schedule. Usually, Emmy would keep her monitor and keyboard as well as some materials at the working space. In that case, she doesn’t have to carry them around. The co-working space also equipped with a personal locker for her to keep the belongings and stationaries. 

How to choose from them?

There are certain drawbacks and advantages to both products. 

Here is the list 
Creating a Lively Community 

Co-working Space provides a business network base among different backgrounds and industries. 

As for the hot desks, they could be a good idea if your team is made up of people of different age, interests, and experience level. Free-seating setup give your employees an opportunity to mingle with colleagues with different experience. The place could enlarge the scope of them cooperating, socialising, and help ing each and be more productive under this dynamic market. 

Even though the hot desk membership does not come with permanent personal space for storage purpose, it can also become a significant advantages when you have a flexible team with different working schedules. 

For the Dedicated Desk, the membership equipped with personal facilities on the top of amenities. It allows the team to personalise their working space and allow a team worked together productively in an efficient form. It helps to create a firm structure within the company.

What fits your team the most?

A combination of hot desks and dedicated desk is usually the most popular options for our clients. But naturally it all comes down to your company and what your teams need to work effectively and create a better work ethic. 

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