About Us

Co-working space provides collaborative communities with like-minded business professionals. This type of workspace is designed for small to medium-sized businesses to seek inspirational spirits and opportunities.

Who we are

We started our journey with innovative start-ups in 2019, Now we are one of a few co-working space providers with professional teams supporting business development for australian start-ups.

Where you Work

Just like other co-working spaces, Our members benefit from splendid views and professional on-site hospitality service. iShare Co-working Space is more than just a workspace with superior facilities and premium amenities,, we help our members connect with grown entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

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Why choose us

We offer co-working space membership plans that are tailored to your needs. Our on-site staff teams are here to offer our members with personalised customers services and flexible membership plans. Our business communities will aim to enlarge your business scale through our regular business workshops and seminars.

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