Post-Pandemic: Co-working has officially become a thing.

The global pandemic has reformed our lifestyle, especially during the second outbreak. Social distancing has become part of our daily routine. House parties and the public event has been waived by our new routine. As for small business and start-up companies, their financial burden has been tremendously destroyed their burden.

The suspension of operation has made these businesses more fragile than ever before. The massive debt on fixed costs may result in possible bankruptcy. Now flexible workspace is an ideal option for you to reduce the input of your business.

Co-working Space – Ease your fixed burden

In order to reduce the clerical cost during this global pandemic, Working-from-home and possible furlough have become the most common options for the companies. Remove the fixed clerical cost such as a CBD office and transform the business into a virtual workspace is the way most of the companies adapted to reduce their cost.

With the stimulus plan and certain methods to reduce the clerical cost, some of the businesses may survive this year. However, as for industries such as business service and sales-driven companies, work-from-home might not be an appropriate plan based on their characteristics and business model. Being in an isolated environment largely emasculate their community networking strength. On the other hand, reduce the cost of human resources, such as putting employees on lay-off or furlough may demolish the future of growing your business. These financial difficulties that companies are facing the universal, more and more small businesses had begun to look up the property market to see if they are in the position of reducing their clerical cost.

Co-working space is now their best shot. For the companies with a flexible business model, out-sourcing part of their business team with certain projects and purposes is the most adapted way. 

Working from home cannot be the only choice

No matter before or after the COVID-19, working is an eternal topic for people. Working from home has been adopted by many companies prior to the pandemic and accepted by many commuters.  Lockdown force people to adopt a brand new lifestyle online. Online meetings and online conversations crowded in our daily and working lives more than ever. Working from home becomes the only choice for these days.

Although some cities allow people back to offices on a small scale, most of the businesses choose to work remotely for safety issues. So, can work from home really replace office work? The answer is no. 

During the quarantine, the work-from-home mode has issued countless complaints during the process, children, internet laggy, food, etc. All of these factors could distract people from effective work mode. Even though sometimes problems can be solved in a few seconds during a face-to-face conversation, at this point, we need to wait for a response for a certain amount of time. Also. the internet in the general households will delay the response time and they are generally slower than the workspace. 

The Author
Aro Xi
Marketing Specialist at iShare Incubator

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