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Spend wisely, your business deserves unlimited access to a functional and professional workspace with innovative business communities with an affordable price.

Explore our event space & meeting room for further business
We offer external membership for event venues and meeting rooms. Exclusive discounts applied.
Our services & Facilities
Office Facilities
7/24 Secured Modern Office facilities equipped with fully functioned amenities including kitchen and personal locker.
2000M fiber internet connection with multiple office appliances such as phone booths and printers.
Meeting Rooms
Numerous Meeting room in different size to accommodate you and your team
On-site Services
Secretary service and on-site management team will help you get through any hazard
Workshop and Professional Event will enlarge your business network
Mail, Parcel handling service and business address service for our member
Happy Hour
We offer Friday Happy Hours to build up your team in a friendly way.
Mobile System
Customized Apps and system for internal member to access our facility efficiently
Our services & Facilities
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Post-Pandemic: Co-working has officially become a thing.
The global pandemic has reformed our lifestyle, especially during the second outbreak. Social distancing has become part of our daily routine. House parties and the public event has been waived by our new routine.
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Flexible Work. How to deal with motivation and focus WFH?
While some people see a bunch of advantages of working from home, on the other hand, some others really struggle to can focus and to be productive. We share with you 7 ways to find motivation and focus while at home.
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COVID-19: What Australian Banks are doing to relieve SMEs Businesses
The Australian Banks are coming up with specific measures to protect and relieve the Startups and SMEs during these hard times, we suggest you have a look at the biggest four ones.

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