Date: 18 December 2020

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As anyone in the event industry knows, no amount of planning can predict the weather, a venue or artist cancellation, or — as we’re dealing with in 2020 — a global pandemic. When unexpected setbacks derail your event, a contingency plan will help you decide your next move. But what if you don’t have one?

The bottom line is despite your expertise and experience, adaptability is still the most beneficial skill you need as an event professional. And with a whole slew of digital formatting options, you can more seamlessly pivot in any given challenge.

Some call it a livestream, others call it a webinar or virtual event. All that matters is that your attendees’ expectations are satisfied — or, better yet, exceeded. Read on to find out how. 

Look on the bright side of online events 

Not only are you able to salvage your event in the face of external measures, there are direct benefits to your new online format. You can:

  • Open up your event to more people
  • Save on costs like travel, vendors, and venues
  • Leverage social tools and chats to keep the conversation going

Determine if your event is suited for an online audience

What works offline in the real world might not in the virtual. But that doesn’t mean your online workshop, class or seminar has to be subpar. Providing a quality experience is possible in any format. 

A concert or performance livestream would be perfect for the digital experience because it broadens the scope of your event beyond physical boundaries and makes online guests feel like they are part of the live action. 

In contrast, an atrium building workshop that requires attendees to use physical materials they don’t own or possess wouldn’t work. 

Events that are typically forums for discussion and thought leadership, like a town hall about closing the gender pay gap could add similar value in an online format. And if you’re worried about losing the benefits of networking, don’t. By encouraging guests to engage in the comments and chat section you provide a space for people to interact, share their thoughts, and discuss the event in real time. 

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Rosa Thompson - 2 Days Ago

Hello guys, nice to have you on the platform! There will be a lot of great stuff coming soon. We will keep you posted for the latest news.

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