Date: 7 May 2020

Webinar: As Businesses Reopen, How To Respond in Post-virus Era








Event Details:

Australia sets to begin easing coronavirus restrictions in one week, and many businesses are starting to prepare for the re-opening. Once business life is resumed, what may happen?

   -  This event about “How to respond to business reopening” will be conducted through an online webinar, mainly for startups and business owners. 

   -  We invited well-known investors and leaders to discuss the trend of international business development post COVID19.

    - It will be a valuable chance to help startups understand the trend of the economic recovery post COVID19, discover new growth opportunities, and respond flexibly to the market changes. We believe this will be an amazing experience for every audience.

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Rosa Thompson - 2 Days Ago

Hello guys, nice to have you on the platform! There will be a lot of great stuff coming soon. We will keep you posted for the latest news.

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